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Implementing APA style (American Psychological Association) within the work helps the writer efficiently convey his/ her idea and clear any confusion within the content presentation.

At AtkinsEditing, we offer APA formatting service that covers various academic documents including thesis, dissertations, concept papers, journal manuscripts, technical reports and books. An APA formatted document lends your research greater acceptability through an organized and structured outlook. Avail our flawless APA formatting services and get your work published at one go!

Some main APA Format Guidelines

  • Leave the right margin ragged and implement the text to the left
  • Starting from the title page, number the pages consecutively on the right hand side in the header
  • Beneath the title page, include author’s name without including the degrees/ titles
  • Use double spacing and include single spacing after punctuation marks
  • Make use of active voice and avoid usage of biased language

What is the role of Atkin’s APA editor?

The Editor at AtkinsEditing will thoroughly go through your work and will format margins, fonts, page numbers, headings, sub-headings, and typographical errors as per APA style. The editor will also develop and format tables, charts, figures and graphs as per this style. The final formatted document will be reviewed by the editor for one last to erode the minutest formatting errors and make it approval-ready.

Why opt for our APA formatting service?

At Atkins, we format your document according to APA 6th edition guidelines. Our team of editors undergo training process and remain updated about the latest APA style. This gives them potential to format research papers, concept papers, technical reports, etc as per the latest APA 6th edition guidelines. Our editors will ensure that all components in your research document like table of contents, headings, subheadings, in-text citations, bibliography/references, titles, appendix, running heads, are in line with latest APA format guidelines.

A step towards academic perfection

APA Format

Implementation of APA style helps your review committee focus on significant points and critical outcomes of your study with increased readability and ease.

APA style organizes sections; thereby, letting you create a logical flow of content within your research document. Whether you want to submit your work to a high impact journal or your review committee, formatting your work in APA style lends a professional outlook and high-quality writing. Not just this,

  • APA style guide lets you highlight key portions of text, figures, charts, tables, etc.
  • Helps you present documents in universally accepted manner
  • Enables you to evade the trap of plagiarism via proper referencing

Get approval-ready research documents with our expertized team of APA formatting specialists!

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