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Atkins Certification Of Quality

Our certification is an exclusive feature that will prove to your supervisors and journal editors that your thesis meets academic standards

The certification for high quality of editing is provided by our finest PhD editorial team members. They assess each document multiple times to ensure that there is absolutely no fault. Moreover, they guarantee that all the guidelines of your university are met precisely. They give you surety that the language is academic and your document is logically appropriate.

For attaining the certification, you do not need to pay anything over and above your editing cost, as it is provided as a part of our editorial service package. The time taken for getting the certificate is also predefined.

Value for research committee

The reason your dissertation committee will value the Editing Certification is that it is testimony to the rigorous process of checks and tests. They can be sure that all university guidelines regarding citations, formatting, language, illustrations, number of references and technical aspects have been followed accurately. The annexure to the documents are also verified for accuracy of content.

Value for Journal Editors

Editors are esteemed journal publication houses have a strict editorial policy, wherein all technical details have to be met, grammatical rules must be followed and factual accuracy needs to be 100%. Our certification will serve as a proof that the qualities that they are looking for in a research paper are present and it is fit to be published.

How we give the Certification

Editing Certification Procedure

We follow a streamlined process, with coordination with our clients, for giving the certification within the shortest possible time frame.

The task of providing the exclusive Editorial Certification comes with a great responsibility. Through the certificate, we announce with confidence that the document is a zero error academic work, matching the highest linguistic and format standards. Hence, we have to be absolutely sure that there is not an iota of doubt in our claim. We can never let your academic career get jeopardised.

  • First the editors check the document in parity with university rules, scientific research guidelines, publication standards, online research ethics and citation styles
  • The document then passes to proofreaders for checking minute errors
  • The subject matter experts give the final clearance to the accuracy of facts and figures
Announce to the world that your academic work is superlative and has cleared all editorial checks. Get your editing certification and be proud.

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