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MLA style (Modern Language Association) not just helps to increase the readability and comprehensiveness of your research document, it also takes you closer to university acceptance. It promotes consistency within your work structure and organizes lengthy content. However, formatting your paper in this style can be a tedious task.

Editors at AtkinsEditing, expertized in MLA style, offer formatting services that cover range of documents like thesis, journal manuscripts, dissertations, books, technical reports to name a few. Formatting in MLA style leads to professional writing and greater chances of acceptance for [publishing your document. Avail our unparalleled MLA formatting service to get academically compliant document.

Some main MLA style guidelines

  • The title of the paper should be included below the due date, after double space
  • Use legible font and include space after punctuation marks
  • Include endnotes in a separate page
  • Indent the first word in each paragraph and double space the paragraph
  • Do not include periods between capital letters while including abbreviations
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Role of MLA editors at AtkinsEditing

Editors at AtkinsEditing understand the need for a document which is well formatted and presents your idea in a clear manner. An editor will format fonts, table of contents, headings, subheadings, charts, table of contents, headings, subheadings, titles etc as per MLA 8th version guidelines and delivers you an exceptional work.

Why should you opt for Atkin’s MLA formatting service?

Editors at AtkinEditing have undertaken several MLA style certification courses and hence are well-versed in MLA style. The team is aware of all the guidelines of the 8th version of MLA style and can format thesis, dissertation, manuscript journals, concept papers, technical reports accordingly. If required we will also provide you with examples of MLA format research paper, technical reports, footnotes etc.

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MLA Format

MLA style intended for lengthy writings, helps you convey your area of interest/ ideas to your review committee in a clear manner.

By implementing MLA style, you can cite the sources and prevent plagiarism. Also, this style encourages usage of endnotes for adding precise information within your document that could benefit your target audience. Some of the added advantages of using this style are:

  • It helps the writer, as well as reader, locate key information without any effort
  • Gives due credit to other authors (endnotes)
  • Helps you cite sources appropriately and avoids plagiarism

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