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A concept paper is the first document that you will submit to the university committee or supervisor to get your research idea approved. Hence, there is no iota of doubt that it demands language, syntax, and writing perfection. It is a showcase of your research abilities, academic adroitness, and writing skills. We edit your concept paper in a manner which urges the committee to comprehend its indispensability for the academic world and hence its approval.

Making an impact with concept paper calls for robust introduction, title with a punch and a crystal clear summary of what you already know and your expected research contributions. Our editors help you hit the bull’s eye.

Elements covered under
Concept Paper Editing


Title of the Study

We frame a research title after much deliberation. It must describe your idea without sounding prosaic yet be attractive for mass readers.


Description of Topic

We help you explain the topic and its related concepts. Identifying the study variables and justifying them is key to research justification.


The Research Question

It is tough to state the research question that you seek to answer and how you propose to find its solution. Our editors frame questions that can elucidate your research plan.


The Reason for Research

Justifying why you want to conduct the research is crucial for getting approval. Our experienced editors help to drive home the importance of the project.


How to Answer Research Questions

Here, we review what you have stated concerning evidence that you plan to use for research. We categorically tell how these data will lead to a valid solution to the problem under consideration.

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