Dissertation Prospectus Editing

Prepare an outstanding Dissertation Prospectus

Why the need for
Dissertation Prospectus Editing

The prospectus must edify your research idea and clarify the outline of dissertation to impress the research committee

The prospectus that you present to your research supervisor will be a showcase of your writing abilities, research skills, and subject know-how. It sets the stage for your further study and therefore, must be sturdy and robust in all aspects. It is also a reality that a prospectus being one of your initial writing experiences, is bound to lack certain essentials and suffer owing to some weak links. Hence, it is prudent to get it checked by a professional team of experienced editors to remove the lapses and evade the risk of rejection.


  • We will go through the prospectus to gauge the requirement for editing. First the precision and framing of the research question is checked.
  • The outline of how your research will take shape is drafted in the best manner
  • We remove the redundancies in content to make it crisp and focused
  • The language is improved to match proper academic style and tone
  • Coherence of tense and voice is matched throughout the document
  • Continuity across paragraphs is maintained by adding/deleting sentences or phrases

Benefits of
Dissertation Prostectus Editing

The Perks of Professional Editing

The plus point of having us by your side is that you will have a perfect prospectus that will pave way for a successful dissertation

The greatest benefit of getting the prospectus edited by our PhD editorial team is that you will get personalised guidance through our blended learning approach to make your work research-worthy. Your research idea will be put forth most persuasively. Since our PhD editors have in-depth knowledge about academic writing guidelines and editorial styles followed by international universities, your prospectus will stand out from the crowd.

The footnotes, endnotes, pagination, in text references, use of parentheses and citations, bibliography and index format, explanation of methodology, as well as length of paragraphs and chapters will be included in our scope of editing.

The relevance and authenticity of resources used for the initial study on which you base the prospectus will be assessed and our editors can suggest better references. Each part of prospectus is reviewed separately to weed out minor mistakes in formatting.

Make a perfect blueprint of your dissertation with our Prospectus Editing service. Our round the clock assistance helps you meet deadlines.

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